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Electrical installations

Design, supply and construction of electrical installations. Smartbuildings provide a safe and reliable electrical service which ensures all work
complete in accordance with the relevant codes.

KNX consult and integration

Smart Buildings has been a member of EIBA – KNX (European Installation Bus) since 1998 and has been active in building automation and electromechanical projects since 1998. 


Smarthome4.ENA is a complete system, based in KNX technology, that includes all the basic functions that a home needs. With minimal irritation, we can create a robust system that works properly for you.

Electromechanical projects

Smart Buildings started with studies and constructions of electromechanical buildings. Thus, it has facilities that are timeless, safe, with excellent quality and they are very functional. With the four-fold “security, quality, creativity, aesthetics” we study and construct every place.

Network Infrastucture

Network infrastucture means the cabling of a voice-data network based on International Standards. Smart Buildings has been working on networking  as well as rack and data room organization since its early years.

PLC Projects

The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a special device that replaces all auxiliary relays, timers and counters in the classical automation table. PLC is a “tool” in our hands to handle any automation requirement from our customers.

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Selected work:

TIM store

PATRIS Newspaper

Hotel at Chania

BEEP store

Villa at Heraklio

Electrical Panel

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Top Secret Project Progress 74%

About me

Minas Katras


I was born in 1973 in Heraklion, Crete, son of an electrician, Michalis Katras.

I was very young when I started working as an electrical engineering and I learned to love what I do. I chose to study in order to become better at my work and to be able to develop it.

In 1995 I successfully completed my studies at TEI of Crete as Electrical Engineer and continue until this day at my father’s work, with the same love and passion, adding the help and choices that new technologies give me.

Since 2000 I have begun to build the first Smarthomes in Crete, electromechanical installations with the EIB system, as KNX used to be named.


Today, with the experience of countless successful electromechanical projects finished, using the best materials and my team, e-dreams network, I am able to complete your most difficult electromechanical work in any part of Crete.

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